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      1. Dao Cheng, originated from The Book of Rites, that saying “nothing can exist without faith, that the faith is the theory of everything." Cheng, originated from the meaning of faith.
        Dao: It means the beginning of the changing universe.
        Cheng: Originated from Chinese harmonic tone of the “faith”, it means honest and sincere.

        In one word, corporation makes everything, and we begin with good faith.

        Dao Cheng is located in beautiful Hengshan Industrial Park with total 66,670m2 coverage area and RMB 88 million registered capital and total RMB 350 million for investment. Dao Cheng was founded in July of 2009, which is a precision machine manufacturing enterprise. The Drive project in Dao Cheng was initiated officially in November of 2012 after 3 years market branding. It means Dao Cheng will develop together with Drive business that be full of challenge and opportunity.

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